Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snowy Conversations from the Past

Scenario: Working in East Jesus NC where snow is a rare occurrence. Running 5 medical facilities with about 50 staff.

Group of Excited Locals (GOEL): Wicked!!! It is snowing!!
Wicked: Indeed, it’s very pretty.
GOEL: We need to go home early.
Wicked: It just started, let’s see what happens. It’s still melting as it hits the ground.
GOEL: But you don’t understand, we need to make snow cream.
Wicked: Excuse me. What is snow cream?
GOEL: You aint from around here, are you?
Wicked: Nope.
GOEL: Snow cream, is ice cream made with snow. Only you don’t make it from the first snow fall.
Wicked: (Knowing I probably don’t want to know but I ask anyway) Really, why is that?
GOEL: Because the first snow is polluted, it’s dirty.
Wicked: Okay. But you know the snow falls through the same atmosphere each time.
GOEL: But the first snow cleans the air of it’s pollution.
Wicked: Blink…..Blink, blink.

Sometimes I wish I was back where life was simple. Most times I don’t.

We just had our first snowfall of the season in the Metro Area. It could not have been more perfect. Just enough snow to make it pretty but not enough to snarl traffic.


Phillip said...

Did the GOEL have all their front teeth? Seriously, did they honestly believe that about the polluted snow?????

wallofdenial said...

well they also believe they can drive during ice storms, so there ya go

tommy said...

Stop lying Wicked!!! All it takes is a light dusting to create a traffic snarl in DC:-(

Wicked H said...

Phillip: Sadly, it's true.

Wallofdenial: You're right.

Tommy: Also right, but since I get to work pretty early, the gang that is on the road with me did not snarl my commute. I knew there was a Santa Claus!!!

Weary Hag said...

I'll give you our ice storm last night for five of your perfect snowfalls. Deal?