Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome Back Mademoiselle Ambassador

Let me preface this post by explaining that I am unfortunately not a parent. Last night or really very early Wednesday morning, Lil Wicked and the rest of her Ambassador delegation return from their whirl wind globe hopping mission.

The parents of these twelve young adults have formed a bond that may be more permanent than their offspring. I had the privilege of being present when they left as well as when they returned. I have to report a few observations of the parental units.

I would say half the units were old pros at being separated from their children. A better way to describe this is that half of them were not voicing their separation anxieties as much as the others. I was amused to hear the first question the parental units ask each other was “how many times did your kid call you?” Can I tell you that each time my BIL1 heard that the other kids contacted their families more than Lil Wicked did, his heart sank even more. The man was a wreck the ENTIRE time she was gone.

Of course their flight was delayed, it is mid July in the Nations Capital thunderstorms happen, planes get delayed. So the flight that was supposed to arrive at Dulles at midnight was only originally ninety minutes late. It gave the parents another way to bond. Although, some of these parents were keenly connected technologically and let me tell you the roller coaster ride of emotions as they each shared their knowledge with each other. Friends, sometime ignorance is pure bliss.

Here is a snippet of panicked/aggravated responses to flight updates:

Upon hearing that the flight left LA late due to a bomb threat in the airport, several parents lost all color and knees began to wobble. A couple of them may have had to put their heads between their knees. I will not name names.

When 1:30 am rolled around and the flight number no longer appeared on the arrivals board, every parent whipped out their cells phones; some furiously texting, some calling others masterfully navigating their blackberries/PDAs/ whatever the hell those gadgets are referred to this week.

It was determined that many flights were being diverted to B.W.I., the airport closest to where BS and BIL1 live. Panic ensues!!

2 am , it was determined and 10 minutes later announced, that the kids flight had indeed landed in B.W.I. due to weather and would be refueled and flown back to Dulles.

Texting became fast and furious, of course the kids were instructed not to use cell phones while on a plane. One resourceful mother was texting the chaperone like a mad woman.

2:30 am it was determined that the plane was receiving fuel and would be leaving shortly. The entire group of welcomers made their way to Starbucks for a fix of some kind.

3:00 am the flight is en route. Welcomers are exhausted and grumpy, been a very long day for all.

3:30 am let the reunions begin!!! Happy Days are here again!

All was instantly well once everyone was reunited. It was heart warming. My bet is that once the kid has been around for 24 hours, each parent will secretly count down the days for their next journey. We are talking about tweens and teenagers afterall.

I am very glad I was there, I can sleep anytime! It amazes me how much she matured in a mere 18 days.

Welcome Home Lil Wicked!!!


sophie said...

I love watching and sometimes judging (heavens, no!) parents--since I see many every day. I'm glad you got to be there when she returned!

Karina said...

Glad Lil'Wicked made it back safe and sound, after all that to and fro!

As a non-parent myself, I do find it really interesting to watch parents and how they react to their's a study in human nature for sure to be on the outside looking in sometimes.

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one of those darned bunco babes said...

I am not surpised at BIL1's anxiety. I know this is not a news flash to you, but I will remind you that as far as BIL1 is concerned, the Millersville sun rises and sets on Lil' Wicked. You didn't have to name names, I know it was his head was between the knees and I hope someone had a brown paper bag for him to breathe into until things got resolved.....

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Wicked I'm very grateful you hung out with us basketcase parental units while we waited for our Ambassadors, otherwise BIL1 may not be alive today to talk about things. I know you must have been extremely tired the next day, I know I was! Anyway, I'm glad Lil Wicked is back safe and sound. Bunco Babe, you know BIL1 very well :)'ll be seeing her around the neighborhood again. Thank God she made it back before that unfortunate incident with the large hole being blown out of Quantas Airlines baggage compartment....BIL would have lost it if she hadn't been back. Anyway, we are all safe and sound now....thanks for everyone's good wishes.

Lil Wicked said...

Well the reaction wasnt quite the same with ou fellow ambassadors.

One kid, after being told that we would get back a day later proclamed, " Ah Dis gives my parents anotha night to go Clubbin!" Than he sat himself down and flipped through the rest of his playboy mag

i knew BIL would need to take some yoga fire breaths so i was one of the first stuents to use the emergency phone to call him. I filled him in on the deets but i dont know if that comforted him. Hopefully BS was by his side with some heavy doses of Valume.

The CEO said...

Welcome Home Lil' Wicked, and to a job well done. Still, it's good to have you home. I guess you'll have a lot to write on your blog now. I'll be waiting!

cube said...

The idea of one of my children in danger is probably the scariest thought I can have. I'm not as afraid for myself as I am for one of my kids.

I'm glad all those kids got home