Monday, July 21, 2008

Smelly VS Melon

We assembled the family for another cookout. Picking the hottest day of the season AND volunteering to grill wasn’t the best idea I have ever had but we all survived.

Dad to the rescue with watermelon and cantaloupe for dessert. You are witnessing Smelly’s first foray into the land of melons.

Ready, set, go!

As you can see, it does not take much to amuse the Family Wicked. Later on, I spent a good 45 minutes amusing Smelly with all my toddler armor while the rest of the family watched and laughed. Side splitting fun.

The day could only have been better if Ambassador Lil Wicked was present. Not to worry she arrives back very late Tuesday night


t2ed said...

I've certainly clapped for melons before.

sophie said...

How cute! I love the fact that you are all so thrilled with her!

The CEO said...

If there's that kind of enthusiasm for melons, can you imagine what would have happened with whipped cream?

Frances said...

Watermelon is my fav - a definte round of applause.
She reminds me of that little cartoon character Dora.
Sooooooooo purty.

Karina said...

So cute! And she does look a little bit like Dora! ;-)

Wicked H said...

t2ed: I'll bet!!!

Sophie: We are easily amused, of course we also almost let her choke but she forged on.

CEO: Hmmmmm, good idea for the next gathering.

Frances: She loves Dora!

Karina: Viva la Dora!! Ole!!

Crazy Lady said...

I just kept thinking - my gosh! Look at all that glorious hair! lol She is such a beauty!

Lil Wicked said...

The saddet part of watching this video was not the fact that i missed a part of smelly devloping as a child, but the fact that my auntie wicked and the rest of my family didnt have the gutts to throw a wild house party. i was looking forward to a video of BS and Auntie wicked downing Martinis!

Oh well seeing smelly stuff pieces of fruit in her mouth followed by applauds and giggles was good enough for me!