Monday, June 30, 2008

Still Chewing on this One

Not sure the outcome will become clear to me any time in the near future. I can predict, in my mind, the one event that would make it like Waterford; although that time is in an infinite distance.

Let me know what you think:

"One person’s ingenuity is another’s theft."



The CEO said...

In a similar vein to one man's meat is another man's poison; your dichotomy illustrates that one person's imaginative solution, while being original, is another person's solution as derived from something remembered but not given credit to.

For example, I passed an exam by studying for it; I made a chocolate martini as if I knew what I was doing, when I actually read the recipe here.

Wicked H said...

CEO: So wise, you are. Spot on I'd say.

We most definitely have to discuss or rather I seek your opinion about this over said chocolate martinis.

t2ed said...

I always liked "One man's crap is another man's garage sale."

Wicked H said...

t2ed: I like it!