Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Not Your Mama’s Pampered Chef

Last weekend I was invited to a Pampered Chef party hosted by a coworker. My first experience at one of these parties was pretty unsettling. I was surrounded by a bunch of Stepford Wives whose biggest concern was to fight over which one of them would be able to add an ingredient to whatever was being prepared. So I was unsure as to whether or not I should go.

I bit the bullet and decided to go; I need to get myself out of my comfort zone. First I have to say that our hostess lives among the beautiful people and if town homes could be considered Mcmansions, then she is living in a neighborhood full of them. Let’s call them Mcmansion Juniors. The décor of the Mcmansion Junior was straight out of Martha Stewart Living, gorgeous not my taste but very nice. I shit you not when I tell you that when I went into the guest bathroom, the toilet tissue’s corner was fanned in a way to make it extremely convenient for me to use. Who has this kind of time and energy? I thought about going back out of the bathroom when I saw the toilet paper to retrieve my phone for a photo op but I thought it would be very déclassé.

The Pampered Chef Representative was very easy going. She had a good idea of the crowd quickly and tailored her presentation accordingly. I cannot explain to you how thankful I was that we did not have to endure the twenty minute Q&A about the differences between baking and cooking. Seriously, if you don’t know the difference, there is no need for you to attend one of these events. Her spiel was very entertaining as well as informative. Hey any woman who can sell me the latest measuring device by relating it to the amount of alcohol in one shot is one hell of a salesperson. Not only did I get that question correct, she also hurled a piece of chocolate at me. Score!!

A few mimosas and one hundred dollars later, I was on my merry way. Oh if you are in the area, I am hosting a “bits and beverages” party in November. Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get you on the list.


The CEO said...

What's a bits and beverages party? And would I want to come?

Wicked H said...

CEO: Ha! Bits and beverages translates into appetizers and cocktails. You are most welcome.

Karina said...

Man, I would so love to attend a Pampered Chef party hosted at "Chez H"!

Pampered Chef is dangerous...I own all kinds of gadgets for which I don't even remember the use of anymore, but they seemed so cool at the time!

susan said...

Obviously you need to carry that camera phone EVERYWHERE with you! I can't help but wonder if the hostess ran into the room after you to fix the tp for the next "guest"!

Frances said...

Wish I could come to that party ;)
Loved this post.
McMansions LOl
Waving at you from New york,

t2ed said...

I'm with the CEO, what's bits and beverages? After enough beverages, you'll show off your bits?

The people who ask questions at those things are the same people who asked the questions in high school.

And did the Chef really do all the cooking wearing Pampers? That doesn't sound real hygenic even if they do wear a hair net.

Wicked H said...

Karina: The gadgets are endless. Wish you could come.

Susan: I know, right? Next time I'll be prepared.

Frances: Waving right back!!

t2ed: Ohhhhhh, that was the reason for the hair net. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

qualcosa di bello said...

you might be the only person in the world who could get me to one of these parties! you & the mimosa...

Wakela Runen said...

Wow a Pampered Chef party that didn't suck. I have reluctantly been to a couple. In fact, my sister hosts one every few months so she can get the freebies as a hostess.

Each time, I have to endure the silly games that they play. Then again, each one I went to didn't have mimosas. Hmmm.. I wonder if that is the key..

I will have to sneak a few in to the next one I attend.