Monday, October 29, 2007

Blog Obstruction; Blogstipation If You Will

Friends, my name is Wicked H and I am creatively stymied. I have looked high and low for some blogospheric fiber but alas I am marooned.

There is much going on with me just none of it very humorous. Rather none that I can put a jocular spin on at the moment. Work is precarious to say the least, life is good no complaints on that front. Actually I am on the verge of losing my “black sheep” title. Long story for another time.

Cut me some slack. I’ll get back on track. I promise. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely photo of my birthplace. Lets’ make it interesting; can you tell me where I was born?

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The CEO said...

Yes, you were born in a hospital. I even know which one. Since you are my adopted little sister, I must, out of honest, recuse myself, since I can even remember the hospital, much less the City. Hi to the peeps and the other sisters. When are you coming over? They restarted construction TODAY. Should be finished by 2009.


mutlupb said...

Looks like Baltimore to me. The greatest people all seem to be born there (including me!). Glad to hear about your status change, though how you'll survive the diminished drama in your life, I don't know...

Weary Hag said...

Looks like Baltimore to me as well.

Listen cookie-sugar ... you just take care of bidness and get back to the fans when you can.

If I had my druthers, I'd get ya to talk about stuff from wh-ettes childhood ... there's usually fodder for blogging there.
Oh, and sometimes? Ya just don't have to be 'on' ... you can be unfunny if you feel like it. Nobody will run away screaming.

All the best to you!

Karina said...

Why do all "harbors" look the same, because it looks like Boston Harbor to me, but I know it is I'll go with what everyone else said! haha

Miss Britt said...

a water birth eh?

that could make for an interesting post...

Crazy Lady said...

I was born in San Jorge Puerto Rico, to my non spanish speaking mom, who had only spanish speaking doctors and nurses.

Wicked H said...

CEO: Ha! Hospital is correct. You are so much smarter than I.

Mutlupb: It takes one to know one, girlfriend! Or should I say - HON!
Bout them O's?

Hagglette: Give that girl a cookie! B'more it is! I am taking care of bidness, everyday. So great to see you!

Karina: You get a cookie too! We water people know our Harbours, am I right?

Brittski: Well it was raining cats and dogs that night. So kinda sorta a water birth.

Crazy: Oh? Well Ole then!

Spider Girl said...

Hello Wicked h!

Just found your blog via weary Hag. :)

I am curious about your black sheepness....but for now wish you times soon ahead when its easier to put jocular spins on things.


qualcosa di bello said...

do i see inner harbor? could it be baltimore?

i would think that tomorrow night could garner some wicked interest...trick-or-treaters & such...

we believe in you, h!