Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drinking Club with a Running Problem

Although I enjoy the motto of this club, they seem to have bigger problems than drinking and running combined.

In this current post 9/11 world, marking your running trail in such a dubious manner is more than just a little reckless not to mention stupid.

Somehow, my being an in home mixologist seems less eccentric compared to this bunch. I seriously suggest the World Hash House Harriers engage some brain cells before marking their next trail.


Andrea said...

Wow, that's a pretty strong statement to make, Wicked H.! They really are a harmless group and with 1800 clubs across the world planning runs almost every weekend of the year, all of them, as far as I know, using the traditional flour, problems don't arise often. I beseech you to reconsider!! ;-) I guess I just never would have thought flour could have invoked such distress. And if it did, is our country paranoid? I wonder. . .

JennieBoo said...

Strange...after reading your post, I'm reminded of my BFF.

Happy Drinking!

wallofdenial said...

Reminds me of Hansel and Grettel

qualcosa di bello said...

thanks for my coffee-spewing morning read!!

ok, now if they were a baking club i could see the point with flour trail marking...

maybe they should try olives next time!

Karina said...

See now, I'm kind of split on my reaction to this article. I read the whole thing, and while I agree with you that their choice to use flour in this post 9/11 world (especially so close to 9/11), as a marker was perhaps not the smartest choice, I don't know that I agree with the severity of the reaction by police either.

I commend the Ikea managers in closing the store, and think it's great that such a quick reaction took place to ensure the safety of customers, etc. It's good to know that law officials react so quickly too.

But this is reminiscent of the recent "terrorism scare" here in Boston when a two guys put up these LED boxes to advertise a show, and the whole city went crazy thinking they were bombs. I was glad law enforcement reacted so quickly, but then they were just as quick to blow things out of porportion once they did.

A little caution and fear in these times is essential. All out panic before having all the facts is letting the "real" terrorists win.

OOH boy, I got way too intense there, I'm going to go read some celebrity gossip now! haha

sophie said...

I was thinking along the same lines as Karina. Safety is important, but perhaps a bit of mountain out of molehill?

The CEO said...

It's the same problem as they have at airports and every other place with security. Terrorists look like the rest of us. Everyone who works at Home Depot, or Lowes walks around with a razor knife in their apron to cut open boxes for customers. These are the same razor knives that terrorists used to take over airplanes.

One terrorist gets on a plane with a bomb in his shoe, and now everyone needs to have their shoes inspected.

Which side of safety do you err on? If you make a mistake, and a plane blows up because of it, you will be waiting in line at the airport for 5 hours to be inspected before you can board a plane due to new regulations.

The terrorists have already had their effect, and continue to do so.

Wicked H said...

Hi All:

I honestly didn't think this particular post would generate this many comments. I knew my readers were smart!! I am happy to see the differing view points and I have to admit that I see everyones point, both serious and funny. Like it or not, this is where we are post 9/11. My point was to not play around with limited resources.

Thank you for commenting.