Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Time and Blogging is Not So Easy

Between the crazy pace at work and the oppressive heat, I’ve got nothing.

Blogstipation, if you will. I will work on finding some bloggish fiber and get back with the program.

Until then, let me know what’s happening with all of you


JennieBoo said...

"Blogstipaton"? LOVE it!

And tell me, just what IS Blogging fiber? :D

t2ed said...

Is "blogging fiber" just watching You Tube videos of trauma to the groin?

Frances said...

I'm sitting here with an iced chai blog browsing. Retail is sluggish today.
Enjoy that crunchy blogging fiber ;)

The CEO said...

Lady Bird Johnson died today at age 94. She tried to make this area more beautiful.

Also, try mixing up your day with more mimosas, it helps with the fiber, the orange juice that is.

Amy said...

It's running through the neighborhood I'm afraid. If you find any decent blogfiber pass it along.

Humor Girl said...

lol! Blogstipation...

Wicked H said...

JennieBoo: I haven't figured it out yet :-(

t2ed: Hmmm...let me log on and see

frances: Crunch, crunch!

CEO: Yummmmmm....mimosas sipped while strolling through Lady Bird's many tulip gardens. RIP Lady Bird.

Amy: I promise, cross my heart!

Humor Girl: Snort-a-riffic.

Miss Britt said...

I have an almost fool proof solution for blogstipation.

Pick a fight with my husband.

Sometimes the fucker refuses to fight back - but I'm still good and pissed.

Good and pissed always inspires at least a post or two. :-)

I guess you have to ask yourself - which is more important... your blog or your relationship with your loved ones?

I trust you'll make the right choice.

Joy T. said...

LOL 'blogstipation' LOL Love it. And I hear you. The heat is not letting up where I am and I do believe my mind has officially fried.