Friday, July 20, 2007

How Can You Miss Me If I Won't Go Away?

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V is for vanishing act.
A is for abandoning the daily grind.
C is for cancelling all calls, e-mails, reports and faxes.
A is for absent, with leave.
T is for traipsing and lots of it.
I is for intermission, will a week suffice?
O is for Orange Oasis, Orangico Royal, Old Etonian you understand?
N is for navigation, the leisurely kind.

That is right kids, it’s time for me to get out of dodge. Long overdue if I must say. I have no concrete plans which is my best kind of Holiday.

I am entrusting the Interwebs to all of you. Don’t be surprised if you hear from me here and there. Don’t count on it; it’s not a vacation if I have to meet any type of schedule.

See you soon.


Cube said...

Happy Trails Wicked!!

I miss you already.

The CEO said...

Don't forget your daily ration of gin, and don't forget the olives. And you can drop in any time for a nosh, or dinner. And DO NOT get dressed up. Have a blast!

sophie said...

Have a wonderful time! And a mimosa or two for me.

Robin said...

Have a great time, Wicked!

Karina said...

Have a great vacation!!!

Miss Britt said...

If you go to a spa without me again - there may be consequences.

I'm just sayin'

Frances said...

Have a glorious time.
Look forward to reading all about it.
Waving at you from New York,

JennieBoo said...

Have a wonderful time!

You will be missed. (You're wit will be, too!)

Be safe, have fun and fill us in when you get back!


Joy T. said...

THE best kind of vacation in my books! Have a great and relaxing time Wicked!!

Lil Wicked said...

ok i have one to

G is for garbage laying around
O is for out of his mind
O is for out of the sound berier bark
G is for grabs snd steals important items
L is for leave him out side if u need
E is for early riser

Wicked H said...

Thanks everyone. As Lil Wicked may have tipped my hat, I am in the area bonding with my furry nephew while his human's are in Cancun. Don't feel sorry for me, I am in the McMansion and Google and I are having a blast. We are also squeezing in some Smelly bonding time. It's all good if I don't have to go to work and enjoy my time doing nothing or everything.

CEO and T2ED: no worried, libations are always within reach.

Be good kids!

Robert Mandrake said...

Got to love it.