Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mimosas for Everyone!

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Many of you were quite concerned with my parental units' recent escapade.

I am so very happy to report that the crisis has been averted and that they are now back in possession of both passports and tickets. Trying to explain to them that the receipt for the ticket is the actual ticket and that once they make it to the airport, a piece of paper resembling a ticket will be produced took more than 20 minutes.

And you all wonder why I drink so much; now you know.


JennieBoo said...

Oh, thank goodness! Man, they sure know how to "drive you to drinking"! Now pass me my poison!

In the mean time, I've tagged your for this "unusual" meme. Check it out at :

It reminded me of your "cool as a cucumber" wit! :D
Happy Sunday!

mutlupb said...

You know, before they left I sat down with your dad and explained e-tickets to him. Guess he didn't get it! Oh well, at least this crisis is over. We'll see what comes up next. These older kids are exhausting!!!

The CEO said...

Do you hire out? I'm shopping for a caring, kind sister. Mimosas are the perfect touch!

Miss Britt said...

I only wonder why you don't do drunk blogging.

Frances said...

LOL do I remember having to go through similar things with my grandmother.
Especially when they changed the packaging on products she liked best.
Wishing your parental units the safest trip possible.
And pass me one of those mimosas will ya?
Waving at you from New York,

Wicked H said...

JennieBoo: Mimosa for you my dear. I will check out the link, thanks.

Mutlupb: I knew you'd comment sooner or later, welcome. I know you coached him regarding the e-ticket. Maybe you should start drinking too...just a thought.

CEO: Never had a brother, sign me up.

Brittski: Uh hello....never written a sober post yet!

Frances: Fedexing your Mimosa right to NYC.

Karina said...

Glad to hear the parents will be able to return to the country after all! I can see how the e-tickets would confuse them though. With my mom stuff like that is hillarious because she'll swear she knows exactly what she's doing, but sometimes...not so much!

mk99 said...

Always a good time for mimosas!

Good to hear the parental units are safe.