Friday, June 01, 2007

Code Orange!!!

I am not talking weather, either.

I took Brain Surgeon to Dulles today. She is headed to a big deal BS Conference in the Motherland. It’s not bad enough that the woman operates on brains but then she goes and shows off by taking an International trip to attend a big-league conference and surprise our Parents and relatives. Whatever!!!

I dropped BS off at the departure section and by the time I parked my vehicle and returned to the terminal, there was a full Code Orange Alert being announced. I first thought, wow that’s nice of the folks at Dulles to let us know how toxic the air outside is. Then I listened closer. A tabby cat had escaped it’s crate and was now loose inside Dulles International. To make this story even better, the cat escaped right in front of BS. Did she even bother to help? Nope. If it’s not brain surgery, she doesn’t have the time.

Anyhoo, I hope the tabby was found. I am not much of a cat person. Mainly because of allergies. However, if my pet was running loose inside ( hopefully) an airport, I am sure I would lose my shit right there in front of God and everyone.

I have performed my kindred duty by making sure BS got past the TSA check point and alerted the rest of the family in the US of A of her progression. So if you will excuse me, I have a very cold Corona waiting to be consumed on my deck.

This just in, a black and white kitty cat has adopted my deck as it’s second home.

Great! Achoo!

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Hey CEO, I know Holmes cannot be replaced - NO WAY. But if you are in the adopting mood, let me know.


HotForSimon said...

A cat is always better than a deer as far as decks are concerned...LOL

The CEO said...

Thanks for the kind offer, but we aren't quite ready to adopt one yet. Maybe after the summer is over. That's a beauty you have there though.

sophie said...

I would have my own personal zoo of homeless cats and puppies, but I fear that is the one thing that might make Sweetheart leave me. I currently have a zoo of two--and he is the full-time zookeeper. I realize this is not fair, but haven't been able to step up. After all, he is a zoologist.

Frances said...

Enjoy that Corona.
I'm allergic to kitties big time, but I love them anyway.
And your deck kitty is quite cute.
Waving at you from New York,

-e said...

Mmmmmm, Corona!
Have a few for me.

amborg said...

I spy the cousins in this shot as well. DId they talk you into letting the kitty inside?

Ken Albin said...

Adopt the cat and bring him/her indoors! It's kismet.

Doris said...

If allergic, I understand you drawing the line. However, don't be tempted to feed the kitty, it will never leave.