Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hind Site, Always 20/20

Note to self. Next time there is a co-workers send off to take place at a Japanese Steak House on the hottest day of the year, bring some type of ice pack to keep yourself cool. I found out the hard way that menopausal women and open air hibachis do not mix.

Besides that, I am glad we gathered for our now big deal Radiology Tech. I got to know him very well over the course of the past five years. We really formed a tight bond when we were stuck in my office for a whole weekend putting together office furniture which came in at least 800 pieces. Fun times, eh “P?”

Even during times when he did not know he was going to make it through Radiology Tech School, the rest of us had no doubts he would see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will most certainly miss his razor sharp humor and his limitless kindness.

Good luck “P.” If I ever break my hip, I will get my pelvis right down to Texas and have you take the pictures.


The CEO said...

It's always amazing to me that I never realize just how good I have it today, until tomorrow.

Amy said...

Guess you should invest in one of those personal air conditioners from Sharper Image!

Wicked H said...

CEO: It's crazy, right?

Amy: It sucks but good blog fodder.

"P" registered RT said...

Thanks for the send off Wicked. I will miss all of you. You don't need to break a bone to come down and visit.

JennieBoo said...

Best of luck to "P"!

Isn't it amazing how we become attached to the folks around us? We never know how much they mean to us until they're gone.

Oh, and about the "power surge", I feel for you. Japanese cuisine is yummy but "HOT"!

mk99 said...

Hot flashes suck...period.

sophie said...

How much is the personal air conditioner? Sign me up!