Saturday, June 09, 2007

Only in Baltimore

I doubt pretty highly that any other city could host such an event. Having been born in Baltimore, I am proud(?) to admit that I totally understand why this gathering happens. I have added it to my “ to do” list. If I had only known it was happening this weekend.

I really need to be more organized. Instead I will enjoy my extreme bonding time with my favorite niece and her furry brother. We will also find time to include the newest addition to the brood. Must start the infant set at an early age.

I leave you with the DicsHONary. Study up because there will be a quiz.

Enjoy your weekend!!


The CEO said...

I grew up in Baltimore, and moved down here for college. I don't particularly like it there, and I don't miss it at all.

Have a great weekend with the little ones. Teach the children well.

Wicked H said...

It has it's charm ( only a true Bawlmorian will ge that).

We've been having a blast. Thanks CEO.

ANO said...

I keep wanting to go as well but I never find out about it until it's too late. Perhaps next year Hon!

Anthony said...

That dictionary is hysterical - HON!

Frances said...

Couldn't you just see John Waters making a film about a Hon Contest?
I'm surprised he hasn't yet.
Wish you could have gone to the event.
Sending my best from New Yawk,

sophie said...

I've been reading some books set in Bawlmore, and the author touches on some of these occasionally.

Enjoy the family, hon.

Down South it's sweetie.

Miss Britt said...

Man you always have SOMETHING to do there.

i really must make a visit and bust to shit your "anonymousness".

(read - and you will take me SPAing)

Princess Wildcow said...

Absolutely hilarious, I was sure I saw Amy Winehouse in one of those pix. And I must have some Bawlmorian in me since the dictionary had a number of words that I am "known" in MN for using!

JennieBoo said...

The "hon" unloaded the SPAM(tm) wins, hands down!

I agree with Frances, a John Water's "Hon" movie would be a riot!

Unfortunately the dictionary wasn't long enough! I felt like reading and giggling for at least a little longer.

Hope you had a nice weekend.