Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ride the Painted Pony, Make the Spinning Wheel Spin

The Tournament Parade is still in progress. I can say that under normal circumstances life would be more difficult. Since I tend to stray from anything normal, it is only slightly amusing to sit back and watch it unfold. When it's time, I will divulge.

Today I had an interesting exchange with Maternal Countessa. She and I have not been close since 2000. Prior to that we were quite close. Times change, events alter lives, whatever.

Today I was called upon to offer my sisterly advice. I can definitely guarantee that MC has not asked for my advice since 2000. The details are not important. What struck me was that we spent 40 minutes on the phone laughing, exchanging ideas, listening to one another and making future plans.

Maybe becoming a Mother has changed her for the better. It doesn’t matter, I will enjoy this closeness as long as it lasts. I quite enjoy having 2 sisters, again


JennieBoo said...

I couldn't LIVE without my "sissy". We were so close growing up and have remained so even until today.

She is and always will be a wonderful part of my life.

Congrats that your's has re-entered your life! There truly is nothing as special as a sibling.

All my best!

Peace to you on "Peace Globe Day" 2007!

The CEO said...

I'm happy for you too. It's hard without the facts, but if you're not worried about it, I won't.

If it was my family, they'd be carrying long knives. Your family is probably healthier.

Carrie said...

No matter what, a sister's bond is endless. You may get some gaps in between but you'll always have each other. Glad she came to her senses.

wallofdenial said...

Being an older brother, sometimes little sisters suck! But I guess they are worth it.

Amy said...

Lucky you! I had to adopt a sister (Britt) because mine has been lost to the dark side and I haven't spoken to her in two+ years.