Friday, November 10, 2006

Dear Lady Driving the Red Blazer

Seriously. If you cannot navigate your vehicle, trying to back up into a parking space while on the phone is not a good idea. I do not know of any other driver who would have the patience to wait for you to perform the multiple odd maneuvers it takes for you to park. Six tries to back into a space is a bit excessive.

Here is a novel idea, get off the phone, use your body and turn to see where you are going, also the mirrors on the side are also used for navigation as well as touching up your makeup and hair. Although it is quite entertaining to watch this action every day from my office window, the other individuals trying to get to work by simply pulling into their parking spot are alleging forces to harm you and your vehicle.

I am trying to help you out. Consider this your one and only warning.


wallofdenial said...

You are so thoughtful Wicked,,It's as if Miss Britt answered your question to the meaning of life! As if you didn't know already.

Tracey said...

I certainly hope your message is heeded!

Miss Britt said...

I park like that. Really, I do.

But I drive a BLACK suv - so it's different.

Wicked H said...

Dave: I am thoughtful and lovable. Tell all your single, male,sane and available friends.

Tracey: I doubt it. But when they jump her in the parking lot, I promise to report back with details.

Miss Britt: Why does this not surprise me???

Wicked H said...

This just in, Red Blazer Lady cannot pull forward into a parking spot without 3 tries. It's going to get ugly fast, folks.