Monday, November 20, 2006


Families, you can’t live with them but you can certainly blog about them. In case there are any of you who want to dodge the whole season of family get gatherings, my father has officially cancelled Thanksgiving this year.

Obviously there is a story behind the situation, here we go. It seems BS has pissed off the scheduling Gods at work and has to work the entire Turkey Day weekend including the holiday itself. We usually gather at her mcmansion. It is convenient for everyone but myself, but as the middle kid I am the peacekeeper.

Since she is working, I offered up my place this year. I figured Gestational Countessa would spend the actual day with her in-laws, the other BIL and Sous Chef Mermaid at his first daughter's home. I suggested that we gather at my place on Saturday. My parents were thrilled. I knew that original BIL probably wouldn’t make the trip so my parents offered to bring Sous Chef Mermaid to my home. Before we could even contact Gestational Countessa to see if that fit into her and Uncle Fun’s schedule, BS told my parents that she did not want them traversing the Beltway on the most traveled holiday. She told them that they could only travel via Metro.

As you can imagine, that went over like a lead balloon. I agree that my father shouldn’t navigate the crazy traffic on the Beltway anymore, I was hoping they would have ridden with Countessa and Uncle Fun. Instead, my father cancelled Thanksgiving on the spot. End of discussions.

Yesterday, we had a makeshift Thanksgiving at the mcmansion. BS called to let me know that a leg of lamb had mysteriously been accidentally defrosted and that she was hosting a family dinner Sunday evening. I guess she didn’t think I would make the trip out there but after realizing that we were not having Thanksgiving, I whipped up a couple of desserts and made the trek. As always the food was great and the company even better. I am glad I went.

This year I decided I would volunteer at a soup kitchen or mission for Thanksgiving. What are the rest of you doing


Anonymous said...

Since I was told I HAVE to work the day after Thanksgiving, even though the office is closed, we are not going to have Thanksgiving with family. Three hours each way is to far to drive just for one day. So I am actually cooking dinner this year. I've never done my own holiday dinner, so who knows how it will go!

Wicked H said...

Hey Crazy: I'll be working as well. I am sure your dinner will turn out great. Don't worry!

Beth Fish said...

Sounds, um, drama-ful. Sorry. :(

Anonymous said...

Cool Wicked,,,I am working on friday too. We can e-mail each other all day for something to do!!!

Wicked H said...

Fish: Always family drama, would be boring wihtout it. What are you going to do....

Dave: It's a date!

Weary Hag said...

Well well well - you never know who the cat will drag in, do you? :)

So happy to see you're still at the blogging and as it seems, better than ever. I have really missed reading you.

It'll take me some time, but I'm S..L..O..W..L..Y trying to get back into the swing of things.

Happy happy Thanksgiving to you, even though you already kind of had it (loved the mysteriously defrosted lamb comment).

Families - can't live with em, can't live with em.

Hugs ... WH

Wicked H said...

Hagglette!!!!! So glad to see you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Missed you too.

Amy said...

Thank God my mom lives 3 minutes away. I'll bake and apple pie, make a butterfinger pie, and home-made cranberry sauce - then we'll make the trek to my mom's for Turkey Day.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Hey where was Weary Hag for awhile anyway?? Glad she's back. Wicked, it was good seeing you for our pseudo Thanksgiving. The leg of lamb was accidentally defrosted by BIL, as he is known to do boned headed things like that, but it all worked out well. I had a good time, it was great having everyone over, and it was nice of you to make the trek Wicked. Better yet, no body got sick over the dinner!!! Now, you'll excuse me while I go to stick LONG spinal needles into the Voodoo dolls I made of the schedulers at work :) Happy T Day to you all.