Monday, July 10, 2006

What a Difference One Year Makes

Saturday was Little Mermaid’s eleventh birthday. I know! I can’t quite wrap my head around it either. It seems like yesterday that I was speeding up Route 85 from NC during a terrible lightening storm on my way up to Maryland to meet my new niece and hope that my sister was going to make it through the delivery. She had last minute dangerous complications.

Last year I did not get to celebrate my niece’s birthday on the exact day because she is such the globe trotter. This year, due to the incredible level of her maturity, it was arranged so that she could have the close friend’s party on the actual day and then the dreaded family birthday the following day.

You want to know what was so very amazing. The family get together was neither dreaded nor full of tension. I am pretty sure that the addition of Little Mermaid has somehow made our family unit extremely cohesive instead of competitive. I cannot ever remember a gathering where ALL of us were snorting in laughter remembering old times and making new memories. Phenomenal!

Thanks Mermaid for being born and enriching our lives in a way only you can. Also stop growing up so darn fast because it’s making me feel old. We really have to come up with a new nickname for you because Little Mermaid no longer applies.



Phillip said...

I think boh you and your niece are lucky to have one another. What a sweet post.

t2ed said...

My most favoritest Little Mermaid moment is from a kid's birthday party.

My former partner (firm, not Brokeback) had invited me to his daughter's 4th birthday party. Everything was around a Little Mermaid theme: cups, dishes, cake, deocrations, party favors, whatever. The daughter was just crazy for the Little Mermaid.

As I loathe anklebiters, I was just going to put in an appearance. But as the sight of a 20 something single man at an all 4 year old girls birthday party skeeved me out, I dragged my girlfriend with me.

As soon as daughter opened the door, she declared loudy, "I didn't invite her."
Just to make sure everyone understood who she meant, she even pointed at the girlfriend.

Yes, my girlfriend absolutely died and we left after about 10 minutes. But not before I had to strongarm the daughter into letting the girlfriend in or I'd keep her present.

So enjoy your Little Mermaid while she's still in that charming phase.

wallofdenial said...

getting old sucks,,,,,,,But I guess you already knbow that.

Wicked H said...

Phillip: I hope she feels as lucky as I do.

t2ed: I am praying she picks up all my charming traits. Thanks for the comment.

Dave: You may bite me! ;-)

wallofdenial said...

yeah I thought you would like that

HotForSimon said...

I am so happy that HFS Jr and I were both able to be there for the "dreaded" family birthday was wonderful.

Can I hire Mr Dean to come to HFS Jr's birthday next month with his wonderfully delicious blender concoctions???

Wicked H said...

Mr Dean is the man! As long as he doesn't confuse the mocktails for the kids with the high test for the rest of us!

We were glad you were there AND survived.

Come back soon!

HotForSimon said...

Now, THAT would have been funny!!! does next week sound? I'm sure once I get back to work today, I'll need another vacation!!! LOL