Saturday, July 22, 2006

Care Package

I just spent the past thirty minutes receiving detailed care instructions for my impending house guest.

I was asked if I would be careless and just open the door and let him run away. I was told how he likes to have treats rolled into old socks so that as he unwraps each sock, he is rewarded with a morsel. A litany of information relayed to me by my niece via my sister. The house guest hasn’t even arrived yet. I am sure that the list of duties will be reviewed and expanded once my brother-in-law brings my furry nephew.

That’s right friends. I have the great pleasure of hanging with my furry nephew for the next week while his family jets off to Mexico. It has taken me this long to even want to pet a dog since mine died, so I am really looking forward to this adventure.

May I introduce to you Google the wonder pup? Stayed tuned for updates of the visit.

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Update: The neighborhood has greeted Google very well. He did get a reprimand from one the of the neighborhood dog owners however. Before approaching said owner, they were warned of Google's propensity for jumping up to greet new people. The owner told me that it was clear that Google has not been trained. As Google and I continued on our walk, I pointed out that at least we are following the county's leash laws. Whatever, always a curmudgeon in the crowd.


t2ed said...


That's in my dog voice in case you couldn't tell.

Wicked H said...

t2ed: I could tell! He is indeed quite a charmer.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Dear Wicked: Thanks for baby sitting Google. We all appreciate it. I hope he doesn't give you a hard time, but do you have a bone shaped in ground swimming pool? :) Thanks again, see you in a week.

lil mermade said...

thanks for doggy-sitting Wicked.
i mis old googie already!!

HotForSimon said...

great googily moogily!!!!

I got to hang out with Googie a few weeks ago and he is SOOOO cute!!! And he smells good too!!!

I think you should get to work on that doggie bone shaped inground, though, Wicked...LOL...then I can send Toby up there to visit too!!! LOL

Phillip said...

And you didn't turn that owner into the authorities? Good restraint on your part Wicked.

Google is adorable. I know you are having fun with him.

HotForSimon said...

I thought all the dogs in your neighborhood had to be on leashes and picked up after...???

But yeah, Google rocks. He can jump up on me anytime.

Wicked H said...

Phillip: I believe in karma. My time is too valuable for such foolishness. I am having a bunch of fun. Still not ready to get one of my own. I'm not sure I ever will be.

HFS: One of my goals this week is to try to get him to stop the jumping. You know, when you are raised in the mansion with the electric fence, what's a pooch to do?

As for the rules, I guess they don't apply to everyone. Karma....OHM.