Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stay Tuned, Regular Schedule of Blogging Imminent

I am going through some changes at work. This keeps me from writing regularly. I am in the middle of a lateral move which has its Pros and Cons. The biggest Pro is that it will be a five mile commute opposite rush hour traffic. The biggest Con is that I will lose my picture window and be placed in a tomb.

Corporate re-shuffles. You gotta love em.

Be back soon. Talk amongst yourselves.


Amy said...

Good luck with the transition, sure hope it goes smoothly!

Phillip said...

Wicked, also wishing you smooth sailing. Do we need to get you a wrecking ball so that you can see the light of day?

wallofdenial said...

All work and no play makes wicked a dull girl

Wicked H said...

Amy and Phillip: Thanks, it will be fine. Appreciate the well wishes.

Wall: You are absolutely right, I promise to do better. This is definitely not worth the subscription price ;-)

HotForSimon said...

All in favor of the wrecking ball, raise your hand!!!


Great idea, Phillip!!

I'd sing a song to cheer you, Wicked, but my voice lacks PING.

That's PING...P-I-N-G.



Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Wicked, may I suggest a Nazar Boncuk (Turkish Evil Eye) in your new office. Good Luck, play nice, make new friends, not enemies:)

Wicked H said...

Good idea NS54, I will take one on Monday. You'll be happy to know that I played very nicely in the sand box. I am lovable, what can I say...

HFS: PING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think the stage always looks like the Parthenon?

HotForSimon said...

Wait. You mean it doesn't??