Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Triskaidekaphobia!

I am not one to get on the fear of 13 bandwagon. Whatever flips your switch?

Today, I intend to live on the edge and let black cats cross my path and walk under a ladder. While I am pushing the limits, I may even give a speech, pet a spider, take a hot air balloon ride and dance with a clown. Why not?

Have a great weekend everyone. Go Redskins!!!!!


Joe said...

haha! I just stepped on a million cracks and broke all mother's backs!

Enjoy the creepy day my friend. And have a great rest of your weekend!

Rude Cactus said...

Happy 13th! And definitely, go 'Skins!

Wicked H said...

Joe: LOL

Rude: Nice of you to stop by. Hail to the Skins!

Joe said...

Fair enough.


(I just want to be in with the cool kids. You understand.)

Wicked H said...

You are THE coolest Joe! Thanks for the support. As you can see, we(Skins fans) are a tad excited.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Joe said...

Well in that case, let me capitalize on my power.

The SKINS WILL win and they will rock it right up until the Super Bowl. Otherwise, they are TOTALLY not invited to sit with us at lunch.

In that case, they can sit with the Goth kids at the table in the corner.

I was gonna say "theater geeks", but I was one of them, so I had to go with Goth instead. You understand.


Wicked H said...

From your mouth ( fingers) to God's ear Joe. Right now it's not looking too good. But how can we lose with that kind of endorsement?

They can totally go eat with the Goth kids if they lose. Otherwise, lunch is on me.

I understand completely!