Thursday, January 19, 2006

All I’m Sayin

If it happens outside my window, it could possibly make it into the blog. If you want your private business to remain so, may I suggest:

1) Not having animated conversations right outside my window
2) Refrain from public displays of affection. Tonsil hockey – grow up.
3) If you are going to break your neck staring in you might as well be prepared
to wave back. Common courtesy, really.
4) Say thank you if you insist on pounding on my window to let you in because you are too lazy to fish out your key to the door so early in the morning.

No need to get all up in my grill.


Phillip said...

Sounds fair. If you want privacy, move it somewhere else. Stupid people. Don't they know better than to get all up in your grill by now?

wallofdenial said...

I have allways found that quik talking to after you let them usually stops the childish behavior, however if that dosn't work try the finger approach

HotForSimon said...

Tonsil hockey, sexy silouettes, twirley penises...I can't wait to visit again. You've got such excitement! All I get around here are swimming ducks and bonfires.


Wicked H said...

Hi All: I have found that those who read this have gotten the point. However, I will pack away the suggestions for future use.

HFS: Get on up here, plenty to do and see.