Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Mr. Overzealous Supplier:

I know that I generate copious amounts of reports each work day and your bailiwick is to anticipate my toner needs. However, in case you have not noticed, I do not appreciate you popping in every other day to inquire about my toner supply. Even I cannot kill that many trees as well as cloud the atmosphere with toner dust.

While I am ranting, may I suggest that if you stayed in your storefront it would greatly eliminate your ability to whine about how little time you have each day? We have Alexander Graham Bell to thank for the invention of the telephone. If I need toner on an urgent basis, how about I simply dial your digits; you have heard of Mr. Bell’s accomplishments, right?

In closing, please stop bothering me. If this is a ploy to flirt with me, I am not interested in married men. If this is simply your selling style, let this be my way of letting you know that from now on, has just become my BFF.

Thank you to the following gentleman Kleinrock, Licklider, Roberts, Kahn, Cerf as well as Ms. Perlman for their contributions for inventing the internet! You may want to read up on them also.

Hugs & Kisses - Wicked


t2ed said...

Suggest you actually start calling him "Toner Boy."

As in "Toner Boy, you were just here on Monday."

Mik said...

I guess a swift kick in the nads is a bit unprofessional like!

TC said...

It's difficult to work where people can get to you isn't it? I know I run and hide if @ all possible when I see some coming. Good luck getting rid of Toner Boy.

wine journal said...

Nothing worse than an overzealous ink salesman! But we do have to recognize we're going through a recession and people are desperate to sell.

Bradley said...

That is so funny. Toner boy!