Friday, September 14, 2007

Merman Wanted, Inquire Within

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It has been 45 days since my last vacation. Although I thoroughly enjoyed McMansion sitting with Google the Wonder dog, I am very excited to be heading off to the Beach.

Once again, I have no itinerary. That is simply how I roll. Besides getting myself to my destination, the rest of my beach week has no schedule. I will spend most of the daylight hours under the sun in front of the surf listening to my tunes, reading, dozing, consuming libations and if there is available eye candy to ogle, then that shall be done as well. My twilight hours will be spent in total relaxation on one of two balconies available to me; one facing the ocean the other the bay. Any time spent on the balconies of course will involve sipping cocktails while listening and watching the ocean and purging my mind of all things.

The Beach is my sanctuary. So pardon me while I go off for a week long sabbatical.

You kids behave yourselves. I am counting on you. Okay, how about this? Don’t do anything, I wouldn’t do.


The CEO said...

Please don't strain yourself while you're gone. Call when you get home.

Frances said...

Look forward to your return post.
Waving at you wildly from New York,

qualcosa di bello said...

h...i am so very jealous!!! no itinerary. sigh.

wishing you peaceful days of r&r!

see you on the flip

send merman photos!

sophie said...

Have a lovely time. Please have a drink with an umbrella for me....if you like umbrella drinks, that is.

susan said...

Sounds heavenly...have a wonderful time!

Miss Britt said...

Ok. Seriously. How the FUCK do you get so much vacation time woman?!?!

JennieBoo said...

Have fun! Relax and don't get into to much trouble....But where's the fun in that? Right?