Thursday, May 24, 2007

Medical Tenancy 201

Oh poor Foot and Ankle Boy. I was pretty sure we’d gone over the rules of tenancy. Obviously, you weren't paying attention.

I heard a ruckus in our office today. I followed the noise to our reception area. Much to my surprise, I had the displeasure of witnessing our (cough) beloved tenant having a complete meltdown. Right there in front of our waiting patients. It seems Foot and Ankle Boy’s feathers got ruffled because he was unable to surf our internet. He was also agitated because our main copier/printer/wonder gadget was out of commission. Guess what? We were able to overcome the copier obstacle by writing down any information vital to our needs and carry on. All that and we don’t even have extra letters behind our names. Can you imagine??

We collectively tried to explain to him that the IT Gods have barred all of us from surfing. We are now forced to be 100% productive while on the clock. Believe it or not, we have never been this fruitful. Of course since Foot and Ankle Boy is above the rest of us, he demanded that we give him the magic password for surfing privileges.

Okay. I agree that proclaiming “DUH!” was more than a bit unprofessional; however the resulting arm flapping was SO worth it. An even better reaction was elicited when we collectively walked away from him mid-tirade. The crowning moment occurred when the Administrator made a very timely visit and clipped the Boy’s wings.

She reminded him that if his needs surpassed what were originally agreed to, he was more than welcome to pay for our staff’s services. Another option given to him was to bring his own computer, copier and whatever other machine and or human he needed to survive in our location. Thirdly, he was reminded that if he could find another office with accommodations such as ours complete with reasonable rent, he was more than welcome to be successful elsewhere.

Oh! SNAP!!

The rest of the day was so very pleasant. Not a peep from Foot and Ankle Boy. Any guesses as to what he will do next? Supply his own equipment and staff or pack up and leave. We have a pool going, let me know if you want in.


The CEO said...

I'll take $10 on supplying his own equipment, and $10 on supplying his own staff. $50 says he'll think that internet access should be part of the rent because he needs it for his billing, like they're related. I'll take the under, on the over/under on how much longer he'll be a tenant there.

Wicked H said...

CEO: I got you down. Hey, you've done this betting thing before. Haven't you????

Doug said...

Where better to drive someone crazy?

Frances said...

A few years back a place I worked for a small company that decided to rent out some of their space. I was the only woman in the place, and the owner had made sure I had a private ladies room. It was hardly more than a cubby, but it was mine. The tenants were two women who entered complaining. One day they decided they would try and change things around in my personal ladies room. The boss came to my rescue in a big way. He told them they had rented space here, but it did not include my ladies room. They had a choice; they could use mine quietly and not touch a thing, or share one with the fourteen man in the place. Needless to say they backed off.
I've got $50 bucks says someone drops a fax machine on his foot before July LOL
Take care,

Ari said...

Oy! What a putz!!

Put me down for him leaving ASAP.

The CEO said...

I love this blog, it's my kind of place.

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Oh, I love it! Maybe your attitude toward twits might rub off on me if I keep reading your blog. I think I'm really going to need it. I'll be blogrolling your site today.

Amy said...

Spoiled brat! And to act like that in FRONT of the patients? My GOD! Most of the "holier-than-thous" with the few letters after their names that I used to know would usually keep their tantrums out of the site of their patients/paying customers. What an ass!