Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yuletide Commercials

For the most part the commercials are endearing. They even warm my cold, dark heart.

However, if the marketers at BMW thought that the screeching kid was going to make me purchase their vehicle to keep him safe, they absolutely missed their mark. If I see that commercial one more time, I am going to triple mortgage the townhouse, by the BMW and run that kid over repeatedly.

Happy Holidays BMW, enough with the obnoxious kid already!


Amy said...

I haven't seen that one... but usually there are some warm and fuzzy commercials that I really like, it seems like this year they've been putting out this strange, techno, bastardized classic Christmas song stuff that is just kind of disturbing.

Joe said...

hahaha. Is that the one where the kid pumps his fist in the air and goes "YES! YES! YES!"?

If so, the only part I love is when the little sister gets just as excited even though she really has no idea why she's screaming.

In any case, I have a few people that I want to run over with the BMW as well. Hand me the keys when you're done.

Happy holidays!

Wicked H said...

Amy: I agree. Enough!

Joe: That is the exact one. The keys will be delivered shortly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry have missed that one so far

Wicked H said...

Dave: Consider yourself lucky!!!

HotForSimon said...

Joe! Where's your blog?? ((sniff))

Wicked...can I give you a list of people to run over while you're at it?? LOL

Anonymous said...

I miss the one where Santa went sledding in an electric razor.

I always secretly hoped for a crash.

Anonymous said...

How about the glut of heart shaped pendants for mom ads? Give this mom a pendant from Zales and dad can expect a thrashing of his family jewels.