Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tis the Season to be Mean and Rude

I just returned from the Post Office where I foolishly thought I could get in and out in a few minutes. In my defense, I went at 10:30 am thinking the lunch time would definitely not be the best strategy.

When I arrived, I was greeted with a line almost out the door. Fourteen of Santa’s helpers were online patiently waiting their turn. Each had at least one package to send. No big deal, it’s the Holiday Season; even I can muster up some good cheer. I was there to pick up a package that needed a signature. It’s the one present my Dad will hopefully love and use, a rare thing for my Dad.

An older patron was at the counter wielding her scooter, she was told that she had to step out of line long enough to fill out some type of form because her package weighed more than one pound. She was also told that as soon as she completed the form, she could return to the counter. Right about that time, another postal worker asked the crowd if anyone was there to pick up mail only. Score!

I passed Santa’s Elves and produced my postal receipt and once I proved who I was, off she went to fetch my package. Scooter Woman rolled back to the counter and presented her form interrupting the transaction that was currently in action. Her postal worker, kindly and gently asked Scooter Woman to make sure that the multiple copy form she filled out was legible on the last page. It was not. Scooter Woman demanded something to write on rather than rolling back to her original location to complete the form. The postal worker told her she did not have anything.

Scooter Woman was not happy. She put the scooter into full speed and dangerously rolled back to the counter with such force that when she stopped she lunged forward and onto the floor. As a kind patron was attempting to help her back into her seat, she yelled at him and told him to back off. My package was brought to me. I had to pass the woman to leave the post office. I asked her if I could be of assistance and she barked at me also.

Whatever and a Happy Holidays to you too Scooter Woman.

Why is it that the Holiday’s bring out the absolute worst in some people?


Anonymous said...

See this is why I avoid all things concerning the holiday rush, I love the family and food, but you can have the traditional shopping BS!

Anonymous said...

I think it's all of the Salvation Army bells ringing constantly. I know how Quasimodo must have felt.

I won't even venture to the Post Office this time of year. I use the magic little self serve kiosk at 6:00 am in the morning where it's just me and the homeless guy in there.

Wicked H said...

Dave: If it weren't for Dad's gift that I had to sign for, trust me I would not have been there at all.

t2ed: Welcome back! Next time I might have to try your way.

HotForSimon said...

I hope dad appreciates the gift and makes it worth your while to venture out into the crowds at the post office.

I can't seem to get into the spirit at. all.

Ba humbug.


Wicked H said...

HFS: I hope he enjoys this gift, you never know with him. I am perfectly jolly from home at the keyboard, throw me into the Holiday shopping crowd and I'd go postal or catatonic for sure.

lil mermaid said...

I had to change my underwear after reading today's blog. You KNOW how I feel about these scooter people!!! Mom and I encountered the same species (probably the same lady) at a dept. store openning recently.....AHHHHHHHH