Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

This was my initial thought as I when I went head first into my steps yesterday. I guess the combination of shuffling my feet while wearing a pair of mules just is not recommended. My right shoe came of my foot as I was ascending the first step which happens to be concrete. Thankfully I landed mainly onto my left knee and left wrist, they pretty much took the brunt of my fall.

Even better, there was only one neighbor to witness the event and she did not come running to my aid. It took me a few seconds to make mental note of pain and possibly broken bones, but other than a pair of badly bruised knees and an even more aggrieved ego all is well.

Maybe I should ask Santa for a Life Alert necklace for Christmas


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the tumble.
Your post takes me back to my teen years - platforms were in - and I took a couple of falls myself.
Feel better.
Healing vibes to your knees- and ego.
Take care,

Miss Britt said...

Why oh why do you come up with these excellent gift ideas less than a week before Christmas?

I don't think there's enough time to return that battery operated thingie I already sent you. Plus, the store clerk said something about "absolutely NO returns or exchanges"

Wicked H said...

Frances: Vibes, it'a all about the vibes. Thanks!

Britt: For the love of all things vibey, don't return it. I'll take it. Maybe I can train it to dial 911 if needed.

HotForSimon said...

Ohhhh.....the images.

Glad you're OK, klutz....LOL!!

I guess since Miss Britt already mailed you the battery operated thingy she got you, I'll just keep this thingy for myself. ((SNORT)) Sometimes it pays to procrastinate! LOL


Wicked H said...

HFS: I guess it's the thought that counts.....

No worries, Miss Britt's got my back this time.

Enjoy your contraption!!!

sophie said...

Ugh! Sorry about the fall, but glad it wasn't worse. A few years ago it had snowed in Atlanta and I as sledding down the hill in my backyard on a cardboard box--head first. I hit a tree, and realized as the sun was going down in my very secluded back yard, that it would be really stupid to knock myself out and be found with my dog standing nearby attentively (or at least not eating my face). I went feet first after that.

Sending healing fairy dust your way.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're not hurt seriously. I fell while going into an inconvenience store a year ago and seriously sprained my knee.

Like you, my first thought was, "Did anyone see what a complete clutz I am?"