Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Road to Good Intentions…..

…..paved our plumber's driveway.

I’m human and make many mistakes. Through my experiences, the bad ones, I have learned – I will never repeat those blunders.

My Father receives many drug samples from pharmaceutical reps that make the rounds to his office. On one of his trips abroad, I went on another clutter cleaning binge and found a ton of drugs that had expired. My Father keeps them in a recessed corner of his closet. I decided I would do him a favor and dispose of them before he returned.

The day before his return, my older sister and I went through all the expired samples and systematically emptied them from their packaging and flushed them down the toilet. We had method to our madness, we would only flush maybe 30 pills at a time. We felt that was enough time for the pills to dissolve and move through the sewer system. Three hundred pills later, we completed our mission.

Mom and Dad had a happy homecoming. That is until Dad made a midnight trip to the bathroom. Poor Dad, when he tried to flush away his evacuation his shower backed up. And up and up. The next day the plumber found our little covert pill disposal project. Turns out 300 hundred pills cannot be disposed of in such a manner. We know, NOW.

During the most current clutter clearing, we again have found many samples that need disposal. This time we will let them disintegrate in a solution of bleach and water and then flush them. It was a hard and expensive lesson but at least we learned.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have just shoved some Dulcolax or something down the toilet instead of calling the plumber. My Grandmother used to tell me that she often used it to clean out her pipes.


Wicked H said...

Once again Howard, a great idea. I might need to keep your number handy when I get myself into these situations.

Joe said...


How would you have KNOWN that? In the movies, when there are drug raids, the characters always flush like 8o pounds of pills and powder down the toilet and they get away with it!!!

I would have flushed as well or gave them to the local homeless man to allow him to forget his problems. Unless they were all cholesterol pills, in which case I would have given them to my mom. ;)

Damn funny post and I'm SO glad that you've learned your lesson. OMG. I'm still laughing. You're so cute.

Have a great weekend my lady!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sis: That brought back some hilarious memorizes.....I'm wiping my eyes of the tears after reading your blog :) :) nutcrackersweet 54