Monday, May 16, 2005

Dear Over Zealous, Ecology Conscious Waste Management Patron:

I thoroughly understand your correcting us when we, God forbid, tried to toss a cardboard tube into the general trash bin. Really, if our true purpose for physically transporting our detritus all the way to the dump was to properly sort out general versus recyclable trash, your point was well taken.

I would like to point out; however, that you came perilously close to falling headfirst into the paper recycling dumpster. Was it necessary for you to pull out the 2 boxes of old medical periodicals and books, empty them of their contents and then throw both boxes back into the dumpster? Who has this kind of time? Maybe you did not notice the other 34 vehicles some patiently some rather irritatingly waiting their turn to deposit their crap into the properly labeled dumpsters.

Perhaps you should consider a weekend part time position at the waste management facility. You certainly seem to be following the facility’s mission statement. Your customer service skills could use some tweaking but nobody is perfect. You actually have me to thank. You perfectly read the expression on my face as I was depositing the 2 old kitchen cabinets doors into a dumpster that was not clearly labeled “old kitchen cabinet doors.” Had you questioned my actions, I would not have been able to guarantee your time left on our planet.

I did not believe, after spending the better part of 6 hours cleaning out my parent’s garage that we would end the day laughing to the point of uncontrollable snorting.

Yes, Internet - I occasionally snort in association with a hearty chuckle.


HotForSimon said...

I can attest to that!!!


Anonymous said...

TEE Hee :) :) nutcrackersweet 54

Anonymous said...

You gotta stop hanging out at the dump. No wonder your are having a crappy week. It started crappy from the weekend. Hope you feel better. John