Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Perfect for What Ails You

Mental Health Days. I cannot recommend them enough. I took one yesterday.

My older sister and I went to Annapolis on what has to be one of the more perfect Spring forecasts. We lunched At Carol’s Creek on the water. If you are ever there, may I suggest the seared tuna mixed green salad accompanied with a Tanqueray and tonic. Yummmm.

After lunch we strolled around Ego Alley which was great because the rest of the world was at work – suckers! We had the place pretty much to ourselves along with the elementary kids on field trips. We also met Noah the Boa. I am not a big fan of snakes at all but you can’t help but get to know the man with the 100 pound, twelve foot, 17 year old snake. He told us that the snake needed its sun bathing and massage time. No, I did not aid the snake by giving it a massage. There were plenty of school kids who were more than happy to oblige.

Back to reality today. Hope you all had a good extended weekend. What? You didn’t? C’est domage!

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Anonymous said...

Ps it is Eagle Alley and how about that yucky snake. What if it escaped??? What if it ate a kid?
Snake people are wierd. A snake is not a pet it is a nightmare. John