Saturday, February 12, 2005

Listen to that Inner Voice

What? You don't have voices in your head talking to you? How strange!

I have a very demanding job one that keeps me from taking a break for lunch. Generally I am working through lunch. It's just easier that way. Friday, I decided to join the girls for a well deserved break. We went out for lunch. Nothing fancy just out of the office. The company was good, food even better; ambiance - check plus. We got to our vehicle and I noticed that our driver was having some sort of dilemma. Her SUV's keyless entry gadget ( low tech gal - remember) was malfunctioning and her alarm was set.

So here we are, 5 intelligent women standing in front of her vehicle wondering what to do. Did I mention we are already pushing it for time? We should have already been back to work by now. We are literally 5 minutes from the office. One of the group was sure that if she used her key to get into the SUV and quickly started the ignition, surely the alarm would go off. Because I am low tech and don't have an alarm on my vehicle I was not part of the decision making process. We rapidly found out that our plan was not working. We are now in the car with the key in the ignition and the alarm BLARING! The owner is now on the phone with her husband. Another co-worker is on the phone with work. You'd think in the lunch rush of a metropolitan area someone would offer some assistance. No such luck. The husband tells us to look for some type of switch under the steering column that would turn off the alarm. Wrong, nothing.

Someone from work came and rescued us. He took the 4 of us back to work and took the owner to her house to grab the extra keyless entry gadget. The story goes on forever. The Reader's Digest version goes like this. The husband has the other keyless gadget and he is now on the way to the vehicle. The owner of the SUV and the rescuing co-worker are at 3 different stores in search of a new battery. The husband gets back to the vehicle and the alarm is no longer deafening. It turns out after some amount of time it goes off on it's own. Maybe 30 to 45 minutes.

Lessons learned from this adventure:

1) Vehicle owner will now make sure the first time the gadget malfunctions (it has been doing this for a week) she will promptly change the battery.

2) I will listen to my inner voice that warned me of how behind I was in my duties when asked to go out to lunch.

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HotForSimon said...

Yeah, but even with all the drama, it was still better than being in the office, right??

I hit the alert button on my keyless thing the other day, thinking I was locking the car...everyone was looking at me like...WTF?? Good thing there wasn't an actual alert cause none of those people even pretended like they cared. LOL