Monday, February 07, 2005

Disappointing Thus Far...

As I sit here watching Super Bowl 39, I am disconcerted by the lack luster commercials.

Maybe the geriatric Beatle will flash us or something. (Shudder) On second thought, never mind.

Go Patriots!!!!

4th Quarter update. I enjoyed the halftime show as I am a big fan of Paul McCartney. The 2 teams obviously both belong at the Super Bowl. Commercials a bit better but not up to par.

Most memorable/my favorite commercial? Anheuser Bush's tribute to the Troops. Standing ovation from other passengers waiting for their flights as a handful of soldiers return home. I just might have to purchase some of that product tomorrow.

What were your favorites?


Anonymous said...

Not a Superbowl commercial, but my favorite moment fro the Simpsons pot-game special - the faux-commercial for a Viagra clone: "Jammitin". That double-entendre (or maybe it's a single-entendre!) is apparently OK but a fleeting distant glimpse of a nipple is not. Can you say hypocrisy?? :)

Anonymous said..., of course. And the one with MC Hammer. I missed the Bud commercial, but all of the others said it was awesome. I hope they show it again.


Wicked H said...


Somehow I knew you'd be all over the Go commercial. Literaly and figuratively of course ;-)

HotForSimon said...

I rather enjoyed the American Idol commercials, myself...but you already KNEW that, right??? LOL

Other than those...I liked the Mustang convertible commercial...I gotta get me one of those.


Wicked H said...

Yeah, it as a given about the AI commercials.

But I also knew you'd be all over the Mustang commercial as well. Dream big, you'll get one.

Wicked H said...


It's amazing to me the nipple-ripple effect. I did not see the Simpson's spot, but I applaud them for pushing the limits. Do we not live in a free society?

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I applaud them also! I almost got into a very ugly spat with a co-worker about the nipple thing.....