Monday, December 06, 2004

Southern Fried Happiness...

Twelve years ago today, the best thing that ever entered my life was born. You guessed it, my golden retriever turns 12 today. Happy Birthday Dexter!!!

Dexter is southern fried, he was born in Charlotte North Carolina. We have been together since he was six weeks old. I was honored to be picked by him. I went to pick out my pup from the owner and asked her to only show me the males. She brought 5 of them to me and as I sat on the floor among them all, Dexter was the first to crawl up and give me a big ole kiss. It was love at first site. Too bad it isn’t this easy with the non-furry male variety. (Another post for another time)

Dexter has been through not one but two very scary medical emergencies. I thought I was going to lose him both times. Thank goodness he survived. How it was possible for him to be livelier after the second illness at age 9 is still a mystery to me. He is a very healthy 12, knock on wood. I am the proud Granny of 16 grand pups. Dexter was quite the stud in his day.

My parents will tell you that they currently have 2 grand kids; one furry and one not. I am proud to announce that I gave them their first grand kid, furry but not loved any less than Little Mermaid. Although I have noticed that lately Little Mermaid is racking up more gifts than Dexter. What’s up with that? I guess if you count all the food scraps that Dexter is surely receiving when in his Grand Parents charge, then the gift ratio is more equal. Does anyone else out there have a furry kid who’s Grand Father gives them a report of how many centimeters pooped and liters peed? I didn’t think so. Dexter is one lucky dog!!

Happy 12th Dexie!!! May the rest of your years be very healthy and happy.


HotForSimon said...

Awww....Happy Birthday, Dex!! Have mommy give you a few extra belly rub and ear scratches from me and HFS Jr!!

WE love you!!!

Enjoy your yearly treat from McD's!! Tell mom you want to supersize!!

Just think, next year you'll be a TEENAGER!!

I feel old. ((LOL))

Wicked H said...

Everyone needs to know the picture is courtesy of Aunt HFS.

Your the bestest Aunt in the land, Woof - per Dexter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dex! Have your Mom take you out for a pee around the neighborhood!

He is a great looking dog. Goldens are my second favorite breed...3-leggers are my first, of course...although I don't think that's really a breed.