Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hello! Freaking, Ding DING

The other day I was trying to get in touch with my Mom. I try to call her a few times a week while at work. I should do it every day. Trust me I am trying to do better. I had tried for an hour straight. I kept getting the internal answering system message. Now you have to understand that my parents are 78 years old. Low maintenance technology works best for them. They have a normal answering machine which took the better part of a year to master. Why my brother-in-law signed them up for the answering service through the local phone company is beyond me. They never check those message because it involves too many steps.

In any case, it became clear to me that 1) my Mom accidentally forgot to hit the end button on the cordless phone or 2) something happened to her. Bridezilla lives 2 minutes away and is currently unemployed. I thought I would call her and ask her to check on Mom. I told her that I figured Mom left the phone off the hook could she please go over there and make sure everything was alright. She agreed.

A couple minutes later my cell phone rings. Bridezilla is reporting back:

Bridezilla: I went by the house, Mom is not home.
Wicked: Did you hang up the phone?
Bridezilla: No, I didn’t go in. I saw that her car was not in the garage and left.
Wicked: If you got out of your car to walk into the breezeway and open up the interior garage door to see if her car was there, why couldn’t you go into the house and hang up the phone?
Bridezilla: I didn’t want to disturb the house.
Wicked: Huh?!?!?!?!?!
Bridezilla: (Silence on her end - it was such a stupid excuse even she did not have a come back)
Wicked: Please go back and hang up the phone. The last thing we want is for Dad to try to call, panic and race home. ( He has done this several times, she forgets to hit end a lot)
Bridezilla: Well, okay. If that is what you want.....

I swear I am adopted

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