Thursday, October 14, 2004

What to do when there are too many options on TV

1. Go over to a friend’s house and debate the validity of channel surfing.
(I hate it when he is right)
2. Eat dinner while only the news is still on.
3. Seinfeld re-run; always a neutral option for the 7:30 slot. You know like Switzerland.
4. Baseball coverage at 8. Not one, but 2 games. At the same time.
5. Make very interesting wagers regarding outcomes of said games.
6. PLEASE, let me win at least on of the bets.
7. Have the honor of control over the remote and be told I am on my game as I strategically flip between games at key plays. ( Damn, I am good!)
8. Did I mention, I was given control of the remote? We need to celebrate this day next year.
9. Try to act all responsible and turn the debates on at 9.
10. Do our best to not make fun of the opposing candidates. We are on opposite sides of the fence but are able to mutually agree on certain issues.
11. Decide that the games are more important and ditch the debate.
12. PLEASE, let me win the bet for the Yankees/Red Sox game.

What did everyone else do?


Anonymous said...

Actually, had a fondue party for my sister (her birthday). I'll have to watch the [recorded] debate this weekend.

Let's go Yankees!!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot my name again.

- Jo

Anonymous said...

Wicked.....I hope the Red Sox win, but my crystal ball says buy more I don't see a way out anytime soon.....nutcrackersweet 54