Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I just got off the phone with HFS. It’s pretty rare that we talk during the day, we are both extremely busy career women, don’t you know. It’s pretty much a given that these daytime conversations can have a wide range of topics.

The conversation began innocently enough, this time it was HFS’ turn to be the venter and me the ventee. But then it happened, thankfully it always does. Her spitfire wit reared its head and I now have a new nickname – Boomerang.

One day I will post about it. Until then, feel free to send me your guesses. HFS is not allowed to participate in the guessing game. Remember folks, this is not a competition simply a demonstration.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…..


HotForSimon said...

I accept cash bribes...if anyone really wants to know THAT badly. ((LOL))

Anonymous said...

You girls are too much......Nutcrackersweet 54

Anonymous said...

I'm going with "looks innocent enough, but when you least expect it - SMACK!"

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to post my name.

-Jo :)