Sunday, October 10, 2004

And so it begins.......

....T minus a few weeks and counting. The younger sister’s wedding festivities are approaching, fast and furious.

Next weekend I will need to be on my best behavior. I have been practicing my ooohs and ahhhhs all weekend long. Why? Next Saturday we will have the Bridal Shower. Who came up with all these archaic traditions? I mean really. I think that if the future couple has already set up house, why have a shower anyway? Whatever!

My older sister and I will be co-hostesses. The best way to get through this shower? Any guesses? We have rented a Marguerita machine. Think Slurpee dispenser but instead of Slurpees we will have Margueritas....Ole!! You think it might be over the top if I keep humming the Mexican Hat Dance while being the hostess with the mostess? You do? Then I must do it.

I draw the line at Bridal Shower games. Shoot me now people. I volunteer to do the dishes. For the love of all that is dignified, give me a king-sized break.

Any of you out there who have ideas on how to keep me calm, besides with the use of alcohol and good drugs, I am open to any and all suggestions.

Ooooohh..............ahhhhhhhhh. What lovely oven mitts!!! How’s that?



HotForSimon said...

Have the invitations gone out yet? I didn't get one...drat...I would have gone JUST to watch you squirm. And hey, free slurpies??? WOOT!!! At least now I don't have to buy oven mitts. Or matching towels. Or....spoons....or something. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hehe... Aren't they great? Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Is it going to be a traditional shower or are you guys going to make it interesting (other than alcohol)? I'm definitely not one for those games, but I have to say that recently I went to one where they had one that wasn't too bad. You know the one where you tape a famous person's name to people's backs? They have to ask yes or no questions to figure out who they are, first one to do it wins. Monica Lewinsky gave us a few laughs.

Good luck!

- Jo

Anonymous said...

HFS...Sorry I forgot to mail your invitation, but you are always welcome at my house. It should be INTERESTING!!!!.....and Wicked.....I was going to have you run the Bridal Bingo!!!, you have disappointed me in your non-fun loving 'tude!!TEE HEE:):):) All you kids who read this: wish us sisters goodluck, hope we don't accidentally stab Bridezilla while carving the roast, WHOOPS!! :( (although my husband may be lurking somewhere cleaning his gun. RUT ROW ):(......Nutcrackersweet 54

HotForSimon said...

Uhhh....that's OK. Really. I have other plans, anyway. You know, like cleaning the oven...changing my out the gutters...mending socks...that sort of thing. LOL

Nahh...seriously, my mom, my brother and I are going to the Nascar race in Charlotte on Sat night and then on Sunday, HFS Jr. and I are going to the state fair to see Kimberly Locke from Ameican Idol. Quite a busy weekend...and no time to sneak off to a bridezilla shower. LOL

RP said...

Rented a machine? That sounds like a great idea. Perhaps you should consider buying one instead of renting. Then I could come over and watch the game. Or not even watch anything. Just saying.

Have a good time! Let me know how the machine works out.

Anonymous said...

I tried to sign in but I couldn't remember my password and the blog wouldn't tell me which one was right. JS.
Anyhow you survived the shower now on to then next traumatic event. Where do you find the time? are you cheating Dexter on his walks? Ha.