Monday, August 17, 2009

Strange Encounter in the Loo

The building I work in houses many professional businesses. Many of which are medical facilities, the whole realm from basic medical to specialty dental.

While in the public restroom for our floor, I encountered a bratty display of hilarity.

Brat with Impending Dental Appointment (BWIDA): (Whining to her Mother) You ALWAYS make me brush before the dentist, I hate it!
Mother: Oh honey, it won’t kill you. You brush while I use the facilities.
BWIDA: (Heavy sigh) Fine!

I am now out of the stall and washing my hands, BWIDA at the sink next to me. She is brushing her index finger vigorously while I am washing my hands, casting glances at me to see if I will give her up.

Mother: Are you doing a really good job?
BWIDA: Oh yes! I am all done.

I am drying my hands as the Mother comes out of the stall to see her newly “brushed” precious daughter happily sucking down a milkshake.

Mother: What was the purpose of brushing your teeth if you are going to drink the milkshake? You’ll have to do it again!

Poor Bratty McBrat Brat…..


wallofdenial said...

Thats Great

SteveB said...

Mom was trying to teach her an extremely valuable lesson. She'll have to learn the hard way, when her adult teeth start falling out.

I give my 6-year-old surprise inspections when she says she brushing. My daughter is still getting used to brushing her back teeth, and brushing the often neglected surfaces, but she does a pretty good job for her age. I really like the fact that she loves gargling with mouthwash. She demand at least 3 gargles per session!

Dorlita Jones said...

I would have given her up just for being a brat and trying to fool her mother. It would have been in secret code of course.

TC said...

I probably wouldn't have given her up because once I was that brat, minus the milkshake, dumb kid.

Anonymous said...

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Gadget Information said...

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LUKE RYAN said...

no Milk shakes only shakes for brats. cheers luke

No BS said...

At least her finger wasn't up her butt...I never had kids. They are a foolish waste of time. I know I was!

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Anonymous said...

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