Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marketing 101 ?

Sign over a Gynecologists's Office:
"Dr. Jones, at your cervix."
In a Podiatrist's office:
"Time wounds all heels."
On a Septic Tank Truck:
Yesterday's Meals on Wheels
On a Plumber's truck:
"We repair what your husband fixed."
At a Tire Store
"Invite us to your next blowout."
On an Electrician's truck:
"Let us remove your shorts."
In a Non-smoking Area:
"If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action."
On a Maternity Room door:
"Push. Push. Push."
At an Optometrist's Office:
"If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place."
On a Taxidermist's window:
"We really know our stuff."
At a Car Dealership:
"The best way to get back on your feet - miss a car payment."
Outside a Car Exhaust Store:
"No appointment necessary. We hear you coming."
In a Vets waiting room:
"Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!"


Wicked H said...

Material courtesy of BIL #1

Chris Wysocki said...

I saw a septic service truck on Cape Cod, the name of the company? "Somebody Else". I thought that was really clever.

The CEO said...

I didn't know you had a clever BIL.

Salihah סליחה صالحه said...

LOL!! This is the best! I came across your blog through blogexplosion.com I enjoyed visiting!


Richard said...

This gave me a laughed =]
Nice post keep up the good work

t2ed said...

Sign at a transmission repair place:

We have our shift together.

Daisy said...

LOL I got my best laugh for the day reading this. Thanks for posting!

Frye said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Marlene Affeld said...

Thanks for the smiles - keep posting

Daisy said...

OMG Yes! I saw this on the telly... It was so heartbreaking that he didn't live to receive this award...

Daisy said...

Ops sorry, wrong post comment.. haha!

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Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

My favorite one was, "Time wounds all heels".....hits close to my heart, I mean my feet :) ;)

Melissa said...

OMG..."marketing 101" the best i have ever read. I have not laughed that hard it some time. than you

hwee said...

Hey. Was surfing around and happened to saw this post. Hilarious. Made my day for today ! Thanks (: