Friday, February 13, 2009

Because Only Friends Know What is Best for You

Look what I got for Valentine’s Day!!



The instructions are as follows:
Place your lucky grow toy in a large container of room temperature water. Your grow toy may take up to 10 days to grow completely; up to 600%

What more could I need???

Will show you what he looks like in 10 days.

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all!


The CEO said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Want a martini? You can have 6, and you don't have to wait ten days either. But you won't be driving home.

t2ed said...

And he'll talk about his feelings about as much as a real, live man.

He's a better listener though.

Amie said...

sounds perfect! can't wait to see what he looks like! I wonder if they programmed an accent with him, cuz that would make him just about perfect. =)

Anonymous said...

Really fun! Made me laugh this one!

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Do you think he is anatomically corrent by 600%??? If so you got a winner. Teehee teehee.