Thursday, October 02, 2008

How Healthy is Your Liver?


I ask because I propose a drinking game for tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate. I propose that we throw back a shot each time Palin makes a wacky comment.

We will all be blitzed after ten minutes, 15 tops.

Who is with me?


David Wornica said...

I don't think my liver could handle that. Even just a swig of beer would put anyone under the table. I mean man she's a dope.

Wicked H said...


The CEO said...

I played. Booyah. I'm out of teqillyq qnd onions, damnit. And the word thingy won't work.

dcolthar said...

Count me in,I say 10 minutes in we'll be hammered! haha

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t2ed said...

I am never more happy to have TIVO than when I can avoid politicos talking down to me.

qualcosa di bello said...

i'm with t2ed! (they pre-empted the office with this?!?!! was my general reaction...& then i went out with a friend)

cube said...

lol! I propose a faster drinking game... one shot everytime Biden lies. At end of the debate, I counted 16!!!! I'd be under the table for sure. Bwa hah hah hah.

Wicked H said...

I knew I could count on every single one of you. But, I am begging, could you all just whisper for a few more hours? Oy, my aching head.

Cube: Touche!

Erik said... head hurts.

Jerry said...

It is amusing to me that we are writing and reading low traffic blogs about the stupidity of someone, while she is Governor of the largest state in the Union and running to be Vp of the US.

What snobs we are!

"Now back in 1929 during the deprssion Franklin Roosevelt went on TV and said"

"Stand up Jack let em see ya....what am I talking about...everybody stand up for Jack"

Now I'm not a creative person but even I could come up with some funny scripts for SNL with that material!

Dwayne from Probably Sucks Blog said...

I'm pretty sure if I or anyone for that matter played this drinking game every time McCain mentioned his time in the way as a means to get votes, I'd probably be dead from alcohol poisoning and being molested in a dark alleyway by some homeless people.