Thursday, March 13, 2008

Randomness Tag

I have been tagged by QDB to list six random items about myself. Since I have a bit of free time on my hands this week, I decided to play along.

1. My days of being everyone’s nurturer/caretaker are gone. My Mom told me a long time ago that I need to learn to be a little selfish. It’s against my nature, so along with many other sage pieces of advice passed onto me from Mom I simply dismissed the idea. A few events happened over a course of a few years and finally my eyes opened. I have eliminated the counterproductive drama from my life. Although I don’t believe myself to be narcissistic, I try to think of my needs first and all else second. It has taken more than a few years to understand and trust this new way of thinking but I am a better person for it.

2. I may be one of a very few females who dislikes shopping. Let me clarify, I dislike shopping in stores. I love the ease and comfort of pointing and clicking my way to bargains and treasures online. The thought of spending my cherished free (non-working) time fighting someone over a parking space or playing bumper carts in a grocery store, sucks the life right out of me. Those of you, which includes both my sisters and Mom, who find solace in shopping, kudos to you. I simply do not find anything relaxing about the whole ordeal.

3. I am an avid dog lover. However, the loss of my golden retriever is still so very painful that I don’t think I will ever get another dog. Dexter and I had 13 wonderful years together but I will never forget the pain I felt the day I had to take him to be put down. I know many of us have had terrific pets/furry children in our lives but he can never be replaced. Also I don’t think I have the emotional strength to ever have to go through losing a pet in that way again. Maybe I am a coward.

4. I don’t have any children of my own but I am thoroughly enjoying being the best Aunt I can be. It amazes me that my two nieces who are the brightest lights in my life have inherited some of my traits. Look at these faces, how can you do anything but smile and fall in love? They are cousins to each other but can pass for sisters.

5. My friend Pet Whisperer and I are on a quest to find the perfect chocolate martini in the Metro DC area. Seriously, no joke. We have compiled all our research into a spread sheet. So far the best one served to us was consumed in an out of the way German restaurant in East Jesus Virginia, who knew? Our typical analysis involves a non traditional martini before our meal, wine with the meal and a chocolate martini for dessert. Do not drink and drive folks, always have a designated driver.

6. Laughter is the best medicine on the planet. I make sure I enjoy a hearty belly laugh at least once a day, more like once an hour. I am known as the spirit lifter at work. I am frequently called upon to make someone laugh. Laughter comes easier when you learn how not to sweat the small stuff.

I am not going to tag anyone specifically but if you’d like to partake, feel free.


The CEO said...

I 'know' where the best chocolate martini is, but you'll have to come over to try it. And I swear, I haven't had any fun yet.

nudeman40 said...

Losing a dog was the worst thing I have ever gone through also. I had a boxer for 14 years. He was my best friend. I told my wife that I never wanteed to feel that again. NO more dogs. She said there will come a time when she wuill want another dog. She is a dog person. I resisted for a few years then she told me she was going to get another dog. She(and I0 went to see a litter of Shih Tzsu's . A little guy came over to me and burried his head in my lab with his tail wagging. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and it was ALL over. We brought him home and I now have a new best friend. It is quite different having a small dog but I now like it. He is great fun. He gives us much joy. There is no longer a hole in the house. He has filled it.

qualcosa di bello said...

when you finally nail that chocolate martini list, please do share the top 10!

sophie said...

1.I also had to overcome the nurturer/caregiver role. Mother never pointed me in that direction (it actually worked out better for her that I took care of the siblings). I managed to get ther on my own (after helping pay for my therapist's kids college tuition)
2.Count me in the non shopping crowd. I sometimes like to browse cute shops when on vacation, but I am of the point and click variety as well. Anything that can be done in pajamas, should be.
3.The day my Sadie died was one horrible day. She was elderly, and I expected it, but man did it suck. I couldn't bear to be without a furry friend, so I got Spencer within months.
4.Ditto on the no babies of my own, but my niece and nephew are so important to me. Not to mention my two steps.
5.I don't have a signature drink, and I don't drink often. Perhaps I should consider finding one. Hmmmmm.
6.Laughing at things many others might not find funny is one of the things that keeps me halfway sane. If you can't laugh at yourself and your own mistakes, life would be very dreary.

cube said...

We lost our German Shepherd about a month ago. The pain is still there, but it's easier because we still have another dog to care for. She misses her buddy too and visits her grave almost daily.

Karina said...

I too have learned the art of being just a little bit selfish. It sounds like such a negative thing, but the truth is, it really does make you a better person. It's that old adage of you have to love yourself first, before others can love you...or something like that.

About shopping, I love to shop, but hate grocery shopping, because that to me is a chore, whereas other types of shopping is a hobby.

About the chocolate martinis...I love that you are doing this and can't wait to hear all about the results. Maybe I'll start doing my own version here in this area! ;-) Chocolate martinis are my favorite kind after all!

Robin said...

But Wicked, there may be a dog out there who needs you...

Weary Hag said...

I like this tag idea, but why six? Just curious. I've always loved people's about-me lists. Maybe it's something about putting the little factoids into writing, but we seem to be more honest about ourselves when we have to read it back and put it out there.

I hate shopping - always have. Love the whole online-spending experience.
I think if I did drink at all, a chocolate martini would be my favorite! :)
Your nieces are adorable; I'll bet you're a perfect aunt.

Your doggie? I'm so sorry. One of my cats is 14. I could work myself into a cry just thinking about what lies ahead for him someday sooner than later.

Loved your list!

Weary Hag said...

And WH ... thanks so much for being a true-blue blog buddy and not forgetting me when I disappeared. Love ya for it!