Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year’s Poll

God (and HR Departments) gave us sick days.

Why oh why do those that are infectious show up at work and infect the rest of us??????



qualcosa di bello said...

because they can??
because misery loves company??
secret vendetta??
they like to share??
they are tough & NOTHING will get them down??
to prove the rest of us are weaklings??

sorry...but seriously, i have worked in jobs, as have my husband & children, where death was the only viable reason not to show up. why do some employers do this??

may you feel better very, very soon!

Karina said...

Happy New Year Wicked! I'm afraid I might be one of those guilty parties, and I think it has something to do with what QDB said, I've had jobs where if you weren't bleeding out, you were to be at work, so I got in the habit of just working through the pain. In the last 5 years I've taken maybe 2 sick days. But if I am contagious, I tend to stay in my office all day and not talk to anyone.

Robin said...

So they can get the rest of us sick just in time for our vacations?

When I'm sick, I stay home. It's amazing how much faster you get better if you stay home and sleep 14-20 hours a day...

Wicked H said...

QDB: I hear you, I've worked some of those too. Could be the reason in this case.

Karina: I hear you too. Glad to also hear you try to keep the germ spreading to a minimum ;-)

Robin: I have to say I whole heartedly agree with you. If you are in a job where sick days are available, it benefits all involved. Most especially the infirm. Whew, glad I got one view that resembled my own. LOL

Blueyes said...

Because some of us want to save our 1500 hours of sick leave for a mental breakdown we are sure is to arrive? Just a guess lol I'm guilting I show up sick because I'd rather be miserable getting work done than to have to get up every 15 minutes because my dogs are spoiled and want in/out.

Frances said...

A few years back the place that I worked in decided to hire an assistant. This girl while incredibly sweet was a walking plague. She had a cold or a stomach virus or a flu from October till September. When I asked why she didn't stay home she told me "I don't want to waste my days off on being sick."
I caught one of the worst colds of my life from her.
Managers and owners should make sick workers go home.
Stay well.
Sending good vibes.

The CEO said...

I thought you knew all this time.

Crazy Lady in Vegas said...

Because I don't want to waste my sick days on being sick! I would much rather save them for days that I am "sick - wink wink nudge nudge"