Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Dose of Culture


Heading out to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts for our yearly dose of refinement.

Last year the Sisters Wicked along with Lil Wicked were embarrassingly shushed by an octogenarian with a newly installed hearing aide battery. We honestly were not that loud. We quietly were trying to explain the complicated plot twist of the ballet Othello to Lil Wicked. The gentleman in front of us was not so understanding.

Today we have the privilege of seeing the Kirov Ballet perform. This time around I have sent a synopsis of the ballet to each of the attendees so that we may keep our whispering to a strict minimum.

Wish us luck or have bail money ready. You never really know once we are all unleashed in public together.


The CEO said...

I will always have bail money ready for you, silly. I'm only a phone call away.

qualcosa di bello said...

looking forward to a culture recap!

(please, pretty please... for those of us who live in redneckland, this is quite necessary as we are lacking such opportunities & thus must live vicariously through folks like as you!)

Frances said...

And should bail be an issue don'tworry I'll take up a collection among the group members - just send me the jail's pay pal id ;)
Much bloglove,

Karina said...

Sounds like fun, I can't wait to hear a review/recap. Of the ballett too. ;-)

t2ed said...

Ballets are much better for naps than operas.

And I loved Othello even when I lost at that game.

sophie said...

I think codgers should respect the fact that you are bringing youngers to the arts.

cube said...

Now that's culture! Last show we saw with the kids was Spamalot.