Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It’s a Religion...

At the risk of being Dooced, I want to make it clear that I have witnessed verbal approval before writing this post. All parties involved have approved my re-telling this story.

The other day while at work, a group of us were discussing the American Idol competition. Since none of us were too savvy when it came to remembering the actual names of the participants we used specific descriptors to further our discourse. For example: Serial Killer = Scott Savol, Wacky Haired Lady = Nadia Turner, Greek Dude = Constantine Maroulis, Country Girl = Carrie Underwood - you get the idea. So I declared that the Dread Locked Music Teacher (Anwar Robinson) would win.

From that point our conversation took a strange turn and what follows is our exchange:

Co-Worker 1 (CW1): Who started the whole dread lock craze anyway?

Wicked: Not sure, but I remember when Bo Derek made it all the rage during the movie “10”.

Co-Worker 2 (CW2): Never heard of the movie.

Wicked: What?!? How old are you anyway? (Figuring out that I am on the high end of the median age range in our office, I quickly dropped the age reference)

CW1: It’s a religious thing isn’t it?

CW2: What? The movie?

CW1: No, the dread locks. The Rosh Hashanians started it.

Wicked: Excuse me? (Snorting the entire time)

CW1: What? That’s what they are called!

CW2: Blink, blink...blink

Wicked: You mean the Rastafarians?

CW1: Whatever, Rosh Hashanian - Rastafarian. You knew what I meant....

CW2: Well I think I might ask the 2 Jewish doctors in our practice why they aren’t following the traditional hairstyle of the Rosh Hashanians?

CW1: Bite me!

So anyway...go Anwar!!! To my Jewish friends, who knew????


HotForSimon said...

OMG...I am seriously cracking up over here. Who knew that discussing Idol around the water cooler could be so entertaining!

GO SERIAL KILLER!!!! hahaha...seriously, he does look like he could put a whoopin' on someone, but I'd buy his record any day. I love his voice.

I'm with ya about Anwar though...I really like him. And Carrie too. And not just because she's Si's favorite, either. LOL

RP said...

Fabulous. Just fabulous. :)