Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tick Removal in the Buff

This morning at Casa Wicked, Remington the wonder pup needed a tick extraction from the corner of his eye. I decided I would jump in the shower following our 4:30 am walk and then tackle the task of tick removal. As I open up the shower curtain I am greeted with Sir Remington and my bath mat shredded beyond recognition. I decided to throw a towel on my hair and around my body and rid my pup of the tick. He was happily lounging against the bathroom cabinet so I squatted down and tried to remove the tick. Of course there was much commotion and squirming on his part and to over compensate and keep him still my towel fell off. I had to make the split second decision of forging ahead with the removal as I was ahead of the game. I got the tick off while nude and then Remington sprinted off into the bedroom with my towel and the bath mat and out of anxiety peed on the bedroom carpet. I made one more executive decision to not proceed any further until I was clothed. It was at that moment that I remembered the difficulty of dressing while soaking wet. Hope your day started out much better than ours.


Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Just saw this very fuunyS

SteffinHillBoy said...

Your son is problematic just like Google. BIL