Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Reactionary Tantrums

Tantrum Tilly

Staring this Friday, I will be spending quality bonding time with my currently youngest niece. Soon to be an older sister, she is having a bit of an adjustment reaction to the arrival of her younger sibling.

Tantrum Tilly, as we will call her for these purposes, is in store for nonstop craft action while in my care. My bag of tricks may last all of twenty minutes. She is too young to motivate positively by reminding her that the big fat guy in the red suit is making lists and checking them twice.

So I ask you, ole wise Interwebs, how shall I distract and or amuse Tilly for 3 days.

Any and all ideas are most welcome.


Suzette said...

Well if "Tilly" inherits even a small portion of your sense of humor, that kid can conquer anything. I have a feeling Auntie Wicked will have it all under control.

Have fun and early congrats on #3.

Pinar said...

Well you can always fall back on what my parents do with my nephews. Turn on the tv and then take a nap while her brain turns to mush.

one of those darned bunco babes said...

How is your supply of duct tape??? Okay, now you know why we don't have any kids.............Have fun and be glad that at some point you will be returning her to her rightful owners!! LOL!!

Wicked H said...

Suz: Under control? I hope so.

Pinar: Wait. Are you implying we were raised on the brain mush method? That explains a lot!

Bunco Babe: Duct Tape - brilliant. Packing it now.