Sunday, November 15, 2009

Appointments Not Necessarily Honored

I followed all the rules by making an appointment to pick up a rental car once I handed my vehicle over to be repaired; my appointment was for 9:30 am. When I arrived at the repair shop, I realized that Monday mornings was their busiest day of the week. Imagine my dismay when I entered the waiting room to find 12 others dealing with vehicle woes. No worries. I figured since it was apparent that many of the other patrons were walk ins and I had an appointment, surely I would be served first. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I patiently waited for two other rental customers to be processes and then the Diva with a Tude was being helped. Like the rest of us, Diva was none too pleased to be there. Who knows how her vehicle was damaged, does it really matter? Diva was being processed regularly until they asked her what type of vehicle she wanted to rent. She replied that she would need to see them as she was unfamiliar with makes and models. The rental car agent must have recently attended a training session in customer service because she made every effort to please the Diva. After a parade of six vehicles, each one needing to be washed and vacuumed before Diva could inspect and then reject them, I snapped.

An entire hour had lapsed and I could no longer sit patiently while the Diva needed to see the entire fleet of cars. I stood up and approached the rental car podium:

Wicked H: What was the purpose of my making an appointment?

Rental Car Agent (RCA): We will be with you as soon as we can.

Wicked H: I have a better idea; why not give me one of the Diva’s 6 rejects. In fact, you all could serve me and the next 5 customers in the time it will take the Diva to make up her mind.

RCA: (Flustered, not knowing how to respond to me – deer in headlights look)

Wicked H: Did this woman have an appointment?

Diva: (hand on hip, ready to make a dangerous comment)

RCA #2: (appearing from thin air) Ms. Wicked, your vehicle is ready. Please step outside with me so we can do a quick inspection.

Luckily RCA #2 was on her game, she brought all my prepared paperwork outside and while I was comfortable seated in my rental car I completed the signatures and was on my way.

For all I know, Diva with a Tude is still trying to decide what vehicle will suit her needs. Gah!


BK said...

It puzzled me also, "What is the purpose of making appointment when we cannot be served at the time."

Pinar said...

You know it's sad when I kind of wish you had a chance to give Diva a piece of your mind. I'd like to have seen that mushroom cloud rising over the horizon...

Don said...

I've had similar events happen, and have always wondered why they make the appointment but then don't honor it! You did good in stepping up and asking for service!! Many don't/won't.

cube said...

It's all Bush's fault ;-)

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

You go girl, amen sista.......