Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Look to the Future Knowing We Can Never Forget the Past

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The World And Its Soul (Part II)
Allen Jesson

I have been blessed and cursed with perception,
because I can see what life has in store,
and my dreams of eternal peace,
seemed to have been dashed for ever more.

I have this dreadful feeling,
that we, as one, are on the edge,
and peace to you my fellow man,
is what I really want to pledge.

But how can life carry on?
With this cancer held within?
Without freedom of speech and movement,
where on Earth can you begin?

And when I think of the children,
from new born to troubled teenage,
how do we love them on the one hand,
and contain this burning rage?

I keep trying to look for the positives,
and look for hope on the other side,
but then I cry me a river,
and gee, how I've cried.

And hope springs eternal,
and may these days into history fade,
and may we all be very proud,
be proud of the roles that we've played.

We all still have that hate and anger,
but we need to temper that callous steel,
we need to look at our family,
and think of how others might feel.

Retribution won't be denied,
but we need to dilute with common sense,
we need the world to survive,
we still need our children's innocence.

Love is stronger than hate,
and love and justice will prevail, and I hope our children's children,
learn from and live to tell this tale.

So, I am still bitter,
and angry on a whole,
but we need to rebuild, not destroy,
the World and it's Soul.


JollyRoger said...

The remains of the victims of those attacks have been defiled over and over by the people of the Republican Party, who are preparing yet ANOTHER "Dance Night" on the graves of the innocent.

The use of the dead of September 11 to justify the killing of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis is a crime of precisely the same nature of the September 11 attacks. And as of now, the criminals of the Federal Government are responsible for even more American deaths than Osama was.

All violent criminals should be held to the same standard of disgust and contempt.

The CEO said...

The poem is beautiful, yet so hard to do. Worthy goals.

John Darko said...

Beautiful...left me thinking.

Erik said...

Many we honor all who suffered and/or died on and connected to 9/11.

It is time to truly investigate 9/11 and to respect the time-honored laws of physics.

Let us not be swayed by emotion, but strengthened and steadied by reason and logic.

Thank you for your post.