Monday, April 23, 2007

Stipulation Upon Further Review

Until recently, I just did not quite grasp the whole wisdom appearing with age concept. This month it not only made an appearance, I used my finesse to get my point across. Are conditions ideal? At the moment for me, impeccable.

I don’t understand the entire process of the circumstances. I believe they will come to light as time passes and scenarios take place. I do have an extensive perspicacity of the fraternity. It is a very transparent congregation. No better or worse than myself, mere mortals.

There is no failure to communicate, rather a grand decay of epic proportions. Or is it really?

For now, I am satisfied. Those who know me are aware that if the mood strikes, things can change rather expeditiously. I am content to control the center for the best mobility and forward progression.


The CEO said...

Life is very much like chess, with more variables, hence more possibilities.

Your wisdom is obvious. You're still standing strong.

t2ed said...

I don't mind life being like chess, I'm just tired of being that pawn in front of the Queen.

wallofdenial said...

First sign of wisdom, Fear of God. Second, knowing one's limitations.

Wicked H said...

CEO: You and me both kid!

t2ed: LOL, agreed.

Dave: I don't fear God. Beyond that I agree with you.